This is Saddler, built by our passion for leather.

We've developed and designed fashion accessories since 1986 and are still as much in love with our work as when we first started.  


Our Mission

As one of Scandinavia’s leading accessory companies, integrating sustainability into everything we do comes naturally. Regardless of whether it’s about the environment, fair working conditions, or artisan quality. 

Success requires devotion – in terms of our ability to embrace the latest fashion trends as well as contribute to global leather industry development. 

Our close and long term relationships with our suppliers makes it possible for us to steer every aspect from what chemicals that are being used for tanning to fair wage for the craftsmen.

We are proud of our products and are happy to tell how they have been produced. Transparency is a natural driving force to become even better. As with our products, should every aspect of our work withstand any kind of intense scrutiny.

You can rely on the sustainability of every Saddler accessory, just as you can rely on the supreme quality of the leather it’s made from. This is our promise to you. 

Fashion made with sustainable passion

First and foremost: a Saddler accessory should make the owner look good. But it must also feel good to wear. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world – to do what we can to make our products in a sustain- able manner. This includes everything from procuring raw material to manufacturing the finished product. We’re also responsible for using our knowledge and good reputation to influence partners and colleagues in the fashion and leather industries. Here are the focus areas we identified for our sustainability initiatives:  


Saddler’s basic principle is that its products should not contain substances that could be harmful to people or planet. Saddler must pro- mote environmental awareness among all em- ployees. Our environmental initiatives must be continuously evaluated. We comply with legal requirements and integrate the environmental aspect into our procurements. We believe in the motto “every little bit helps”. Reducing our daily impact on the environment is important to us. So we select materials and transportation with minimal environmental impact.


Delivering high-quality accessories is second nature to us; this in turn puts rigorous require- ments on raw materials. To ensure that the leather we purchase is of the highest possible quality and doesn’t contain hazardous substances, we continuously check the leather’s chemical con- tent. Because tanning-process chemicals affect product quality and safety, it’s important that clear guidelines exist regarding what chemicals to use and ways in which to use them. 

Responsible supply chain 

Our ambition is to take responsibility for our entire product chain – from raw material pro- curement to finished product. This includes working actively for greater raw material traceability and ensuring that our suppliers’ employees work under fair, safe conditions. To ensure that our suppliers meet our requirements, we’ve been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2006. Through BSCI, we get tools and methods to conduct systematic improve- ment in our supply chain as per the BSCI code of conduct.