Men's Style

Hope you are having a great summer! The season of warmer clothing is approaching and we are already thinking of all the great outfits we want for this fall.

Here is Josef with a pair of cropped chinos, unlined wool coat and the Wilton bag.

Our special seasonal recommendation for Men's style is the light weight wool coat. With a tailored cut, similar to a men's blazer, this season's coat should have a soft but yet sharp shoulder.


Väljer ut bilder

Hoppas midsommar helgen var toppen! Vi fick både regn och sol här på västkusten, nu sitter vi och går igenom bilder för höstsäsongen. 

Josef och Anna tar en paus och kollar igenom några bilder.

Josef och Anna tar en paus och kollar igenom några bilder.

Samtidigt som det skall bli fantastiskt med lite sommarledighet är vi grymt taggade på att komma igång med hösten, leverera ut vår nya kollektion och släppa bilderna från senaste fotningen :)

From raw material to fashion accessory

Extensive experience and expertise go into all our products – many hours of work and great artisanship. In our design studio, in the tanneries, and the leather workshops. We are always impressed with a big smile on our face when we meet the skilled craftsmen behind Saddler. We shot these pictures on our last visit to our Italian production line.

Check out our "Leather School" to learn more about leather qualities and how we work with them.

Managing Design

Our design team is very skilled at handling detail as well as full picture focus. We manage both our own brands and collaborations with other brands. Each brand has its own platform and its specific design elements. 

Theresa is working on a new men's bag

Theresa is working on a new men's bag

Our designers have an extensive experience of fashion accessory design. The design process is similar between different brands, but the language and tonality can be very different. Every new design gets its frames and definition according to the brand with its specific language.


The design team's expertise is to apply top end design, knowing the market and customer. They are experts in narrowing down a wide range of inspiration to smart, aesthetic and functional design.  

Knowing the end customer and giving the product all the skill and care you can is a good starting point.
— Theresa